Before bathing each animal, we communicate with the owner if there are any issues which need special attention. Dogs are brushed before bathing, which makes for a cleaner, longer lasting bath. Nails are cut, anal glands expressed, ears cleaned, and the correct shampoo for the skin type is used. We use Natural Groomer shampoos; Hypo, Oatmeal, Melator, flea dips, and de-skunking when necessary.


Grooming is done with professional clippers and blades. Scissors are used to complete the groom. There is a special relationship that builds between a groomer as myself and the dogs entrusted in our care. Love and attention , as if they were my own pet, is the way to groom. Grooming is by appointment, although we fit in walk-ins whenever possible. A record of each dog is kept on file to assure the correct groom and consistent pricing for every visit.


We at Doggone Grooming board dogs for short and long term. Our experience over the year had taught us many lessons when dealing with multiple dogs from the same family. Dog owners of a pack of good dogs can have issues of jealousy over shared affection. For instance, different privileges for the favorite pet that can cause an older or more submissive one to be badgered to the point of injury or death. We at Doggone Grooming as the owners if any issues that we should be aware of to ensure the safety of every pet in the group. Knowledge of your pet’s behavior is paramount. Every boarder is required to have a rabies vaccine, kennel cough, and distemper shot. Our facility has outside kennels, and a fenced yard, and climate controlled building for the night.